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Self made gobos

Do you want to have a go at making your own gobo? No problem! Here we'll explain how you go about it with an outlay of about 10 cents and a bit of craftsmanship. Take into account the safety limits and power of your projector and remember that your self made gobo can get very hot when it's in use.

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Instructions for using glass gobos

Our glass gobos are a quality product and offer the best optical image quality combined with high thermal protection of the greatest possible technical standards. It's necessary to read the following points carefully to ensure the durability and optimal performance of your gobos:

Never touch the hot gobo when it's in use, (i.e. in a projector.) there's a danger of getting burnt!

Avoid drastic temperature differences. Never put a cold gobo in a machine that's already reached its working temperature. The gobo could crack or break.

The heat protection filter of the projector should be in perfect condition otherwise the gobo could be damaged because of overheating.

Only use the size of gobo which has been recommended by the manufacturer of the projector.

The clean, fat free and without fingerprints gobo should only be used in one of the recommended holders, (gobo holder, gobo wheel or gobo ring.) It should never be used in colour wheels or any other holder which hasn't been designed for the job.

It's important to ensure that the gobo is placed in the holder precisely as one sided pressure can lead to tension and the glass breaking.

When using ring shaped adapters of metal which are recommended by some manufacturers it's important to ensure that the gobo isn't skewed or slanted because that causes tension.

If the gobo is mounted and fixed with silicon you should allow an hours drying time before using the machine. Any immediate heating of the silicon will lead to it releasing acetic acid which will damage the glass gobo.

If it's in continuous use the glass gobo should be carefully cleaned every 2 – 4 weeks, (depending on the state of its environs,) to ensure optimal image projection.

It's important to ensure the cooling system is in order to prevent damage to the machine and/or gobo due to undercooling.

If the gobo is to be used in a machine other than the Derksen projection system you must ensure the distance between the light source and the gobo is not too short. If needs be move the light source far enough out of the optical axis so the gobo isn't close enough to the bulb to be burnt.

If you don't follow these instructions then Derksen Lichttechnik GmbH cannot be held responsible for any damage or lack of durability and the terms of the guarantee will be invalid.